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Do you have a website? Can we convert it into an app for you in 10 minutes?  Our robot will do all the things for you, yours is just to relax.  To get started  get in touch with us

We easily add
powerful native features for you

All this in less than 30 minutes

We are experts in converting website to an App, we invoke real native look and feel in your app from native share, ratings, roots access, push notifications, splash image, native navigation, screen on , full screen and even native features eg video call 

					//Invoke native “Share” menu
//Keep device screen on without going to sleep
//Hide the status bar
					//Set the top status bar
native.statusbar.set({'color': '#007aff',})
//Select a bottom tab bar item, if enabled
//Launch the ATT consent prompt on iOS 14.5 and later
					//Get user’s contacts from address book
//Start a video call using the native SDK
//Log an event to Google Analytics