We Have Rebranded

We are now Itals !

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website!

Our business has grown and evolved over the last years. Although our technology solutions services remain the backbone of our business, we’ve complimented them with sales and marketing strategy services and managed services for our customers. We feel that now is the perfect time to rebrand and update our identity to reflect who we are today. We believe this rounded view of business and technology together is the natural step in the maturity of our company and we are excited for the opportunities it brings.

On this domain we would want to announce and let the public know that the brand Diplomat and all its affiliate and subsidiaries has been rebranded to Itals brand. Any attempt to access www.div.co.ke or www.diplomat.co.ke will redirect to our newly launched website www.itals.co.ke

All our look and feel for our graphics have as well been updated to our new bright maroon an dark blue.

All our social media pages have been upgraded as well to reflected our new names and graphics. All emails there off that were under our former domain www.diplomat.co.ke have been moved to our official email hello@itals.co.ke . Our billing systems have also been updated with the new name, emails and logo. To our clients effective date 15th January 2021, we will not accepted cheques under the name Diplomat Innovative Ventures or Diplomat Group Inc. We therefore advice our clients to write cheques payable to Itals Tech instead.

Kindly note the changes in our terms for business as well. Any client who contracts us for any service is bound to our terms of business. In the event that you do not agree with our changes  in terms for business kindly notify us via email and request to cancel any ongoing contract with 30 days after receiving an email about our rebranding. Read here

Incase of any concerns regarding any of the above information Contact our head of Communications on:-

Itals Tech Consultants
P.o Box 725227531-00100 GPO

We would like to thank all our partners and clients for the confidence they have showed us throughout the last 12 years  years and for helping us grow and improve. Most important of all, we would like to thank everyone who worked hard to get us here.

Thank you

Big thanks from Itals Family